Which CRM is the best for my business? Zoho, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics

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That depends on your company profile. Let us look on all the resources these brilliant solutions can provide.

We have considered the top editions of these CRMs in order to perform these comparisons.

Salesforce is the most prominent and traditional CRM solution. It has started in 2001 and according to this Gartner report (https://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3329317) has the biggest market share.

Microsoft Dynamics is the most formal solution and resembles the complexity of an ERP. It runs from the cloud (Dynamics 365) or you can actually install it on your physical server. (Why would someone need this anyway? Maybe Gartner knows this also https://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3354117)

Zoho CRM can be considered the most fierce defiant on this market. It offers a wide range of native integrations and functionalities with attractive prices. Zoho CRM Plus is an edition that comes it advanced reports, digital marketing integrations, help desk and many other solutions with the Zoho Suite (https://www.zoho.com/)

The setup is one of the major differences between these applications. Zoho is the easiest solution to set up, on the other hand, it is better to pay someone to set up MS Dynamics for you, beware that it can cost you a few thousand dollars. Salesforce is a kind of intermediate

Complexity is the main setback for MS Dynamics, actually, it seems to base on old fashion BPM applications and you can do almost nothing with a few clicks. As opposite, Salesforce and Zoho CRM excel in simplicity.

One of the major capability for a CRM is to integrate seamlessly with e-mail, telephone and physical check-in into customers. This is a powerful way to ensure that all the interactions with customers gets into the CRM records. As differential, Zoho offers at no additional cost excellent integrations with PBX systems like Asterisk and many others. The same occur with check-in, a tool where external salespeople can ensure that they are really visiting a customer at the right time. MS Dynamics are also excellent, but, in contrast, also very expensive. Salesforce will also do the job a quite well, if you put another dollar in.

Being “User Friendly” is decisive to keep users actually using the software. In the other hand hostile interfaces will send users straight back to excel spreadsheets and paper notebooks. MS Dynamics is good for those who has nostalgia of Windows 95. Salesforce integration is very good, but Zoho has exceeded it using gamification. Gamification is a highly advanced HR – Human Resources practices for achieving high performance, we definitely want this.

The integration with the rest of your company workflow is a strongpoint for MS Dynamics and Zoho CRM. After all, you should always deliver what you sell. Both of these tools can warn and integrate your finance, logistics and other departments to make things flow.

All of these solutions are flexible, but SF and Zoho excel in supporting any kind of sales process, from those based on B2B and Networking to those based on B2C and digital marketing.

Linkedin is one of the most important native integration for MS Dynamics. Probably Microsoft seems to have known what they were doing when they paid USD $26 Billion to acquire Linkedin (https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-06-13/microsoft-to-buy-linkedin-in-deal-valued-at-26-2-billion-ipe079k9). It makes easy to prospect customers in B2B markets, knowing who to talk to. Salesforce also offers this integration, but it is very costly.

Prices. The only excellent solution is Zoho CRM Plus.

Salesforce Zoho MS Dynamics
Edition considered Enterprise CRM Plus Plan 2
Set up Normal Happy Unhappy
Level of complexity Simple Simple Complex
Integrations with e-mail, calls and visits Unhappy, Happy Normal, excellent but expensive
User friendliness Normal Happy Unhappy
Integrations with the rest of your company work flow Unhappy Happy Happy
Flexibility Happy Happy Normal
Integration with Linkedin Normal Unhappy Happy
Price per user 75$ 50$ 210$
The best solution if your company profile is Conservative and do not have too much concerns about workflow integration Flexible, seeks performance maximization as a whole, do not have a huge budget and wishes to increases sales quickly, cool. Bureaucratic and has truckloads of money to invest

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