CRM – Customer Relationship Management

With this tool, we can organize and automatize your company’s interactions with customers and prospects, handling acquisition, deals, sales activities, customer loyalty and much more. We are Zoho Authorized Partner and Zoho CRM is our favorite tool.

The CRM The most powerful tool to increase sales and Zoho is the best in class CRM solution, no matter if your sales bases in networking, digital marketing, cold calls or other.

Video tutorials, e-books and tips

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Webinars and hands-on workshops

Take a part on our webinars and scheduled classes where you can practice while learn.

Free consulting

Schedule, for free, 1 hour of free Zoho CRM consulting to attend your specific needs in customization, integration and applied use.

SPM – Sales Process Management

Also known as Sales BPM (Business Process Management). A sales process usually involves:

    Lead Generation;
    First contact;
    Solution specification;
    Deal closing;
    Additional sales;
    After sales;
    Account management.

Analyzing, optimizing, standardizing, describing and implementing these steps will allow you to enjoy prosperity and relax about your sales goals.

You will start choosing how much (and which) customers you will have and how much will be your revenues. Just keep in mind that you will have to deliver everything that you sell, Ok?

Business Models and Growth Strategy

To achieve success, it is important to outthink ways to grow and what are going to be:

    Your business model: Customers, value proposition, distribution channels, revenue models, and others mentioned in Business Model Canvas;
    Proofs of concept: Testing is the real way to see if something works. We discourage market research. Practice outcomes theory.;
    KPIs – Key Performance Indicators;
    Lessons learned;

We use the Business Model Canvas with our exclusive methodology called Strategy BML Canvas – Build Measure Learn.