What is CRM? What it can do for my business?

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a software tool to manage your organization’s interactions with customers and prospects, handling acquisition, deals, sales activities, customer loyalty and much more.


The ROI – Return Over Investment for a CRM, according to the Outthink experience, ranges widely between 20 and 1000 times. Because of this, we understand that CRM is, by far, the most powerful tool to increase sales, it makes easy to:

  • Manage your prospects and convert them into active customers, no matter if you reach them by cold calling, networking, digital marketing or other.
  • Store your customer’s information simple and safe.
  • Keep track of all e-mails, phone calls and visits between your sales team and your customers.
  • Convert more deals, CRM will always remember you about the next step.
  • Make quotes rapidly and more professional. Send them straight from your CRM. By the way, Zoho CRM integrates with your e-mail, calendar, contacts and much more.
  • Continue to sell to your customers. CRM can remember your when the customer is about to buy again.
  • Interact with up to hundreds customers in one single day and continue calling each of them by their names.
  • Do not worry about letting a salesperson go. Even if someone deletes its own e-mail history, customer information is still with you.
  • Integrate your workflow: CRM can deliver important information for production, finance department, logistics and even your suppliers.
  • Have simple and visual reports. Make a clear view of what is happening to your sales
  • Make better decisions

Simply put, not working sales inside a CRM is equivalent to do manufacturing without electrical power or do accounting without the use of computers.

But, please, sell only the much you can deliver, ok?

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