Better sales practices promotes prosperous organizations and therefore jobs, social development, cultural interchange and technological innovations.


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CRM – Customer Relationship Management

The CRM The most powerful tool to increase sales and Zoho is the best in class CRM solution, no matter if your sales bases in networking, digital marketing, cold calls or other.

SPM – Sales Process Management

Also known as Sales BPM (Business Process Management). A sales process usually involves a lot of business aspects. Analyzing, optimizing, standardizing, describing and implementing these steps will allow you to enjoy prosperity and relax about your sales goals.

Business Models and Growth Strategy

We use the Business Model Canvas with our exclusive methodology called Strategy BML Canvas – Build Measure Learn.

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Our services applies to all industries, we can increase your sales no matter if you are an independent consulting professional or runs a big industrial company.

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That depends on your company profile. Let us look on all the resources these brilliant solutions can provide. We have considered the top editions of these CRMs in order to perform these comparisons. Salesforce is the most prominent and traditional CRM solution. It has started in 2001 and according to this Gartner report ( has […]

What is CRM? What it can do for my business?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a software tool to manage your organization’s interactions with customers and prospects, handling acquisition, deals, sales activities, customer loyalty and much more.   The ROI – Return Over Investment for a CRM, according to the Outthink experience, ranges widely between 20 and 1000 times. Because of this, […]

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